About 3D Scanner Store

  • Official reseller of FARO products
  • UK hire partner for FARO Europe
  • One stop shop for all 3D scanning apps
  • Our team of experts can support customers
  • 1st Horizon has a long standing pedigree in 3D
  • Turnkey 3D laser scanning services available
  • CAD & BIM modelling services
  • Official training partner for FARO Europe

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What Our Clients Say

  • “With their unique insight into, and knowledge of, laser scanning we at FARO are very excited that 1st Horizon have decided to take our partnership to the next level.”

    Mark RussellFaro Europe
  • “Your team has been outstanding and what a pleasure it is to have such a professional service provided. You should be more than well pleased with the excellent work done by team Horizon.”

    Blair WallaceWest Barn
  • “Thank you for organising the 3D scanner hire at such short notice. Much appreciated.”

    Richard PorterQED Productions
  • “It’s been a pleasure to work with 1st Horizon/3D Scanner Store
    over the last few months following a training / demonstration they carried out at our offices. We at Pell Frischmann can see these being used as part of our continuing workflow more and more and we will be using 1st Horizon’s services to complete the tasks we need to carry out!”

    Danny GartsidePell Frischmann
  • ’ll be forever grateful that 1st Horizon made my first professional hire an absolute breeze, providing highly personal customer service which has been a hallmark of every subsequent communication.
    Thanks in part to their encouragement I’m now confident using scans in place of traditional surveys,
    and generally incorporate the data into planning applications to give context to proposals.
    I have no hesitation in recommending 1st Horizon and look forward to our continued dealings in the future.

    David ShankskillBA(Hons)
Who we are and what we do
3D Scanner Store is a one stop shop for 3D laser scanning products & applications. We provide 3D laser scanning solutions for the global service industry. Our services include the sale of 3D Laser scanners & accessories, 3D Laser scanner hire, 3D Laser scanner training & technical support.We are an official reseller of FARO 3D laser scanners and UK training partner for FARO Europe.3D Scanner Store has evolved from our sister company “1st Horizon Surveying & Engineering Ltd” through many years of experience within the sector and our long standing relationship with FARO Europe
Our partnership and history with FARO
1st Horizon have worked with FARO for many years and found the company to be innovative and forward thinking. FARO have a history of developing and evolving new and ground breaking products that have revolutionised the 3D laser scanning market. Their current product range, we believe, is second to none in the market and hence our strong professional relationship.Our relationship with FARO has evolved over several years. We are currently FARO Europe’s exclusive training partner for 3D laser scanning in the UK.

Why 3D Scanner Store?

Our heritage in the 3D laser scanning industry gives our staff an unequalled knowledge in the subject of 3D laser scanning and in particular FARO products and software.

Our team of expert staff have many years of experience in delivering 3D scanning projects. This allows us to support customers whichever way they decide to approach a project.

For new customers and an easy transition into the world of 3D scanning our sister company “1st Horizon Surveying & Engineering Ltd” can provide the best introduction to 3D measurement by delivering the initial projects as a turnkey measurement solution.

For customers who are more accustomed to 3D scanners they may wish to hire or purchase from us in which case we can supply the most appropriate scanner and accessories as well as provide support along the way with training & technical support.

Advanced users can buy or hire and benefit from our high level experience by way of our advanced training & consultancy provision.