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Focus 3D


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor, medium range, projects. Applications may include buildings, factories / facilities, heritage

    • Range:0.6 to 120m
    • Capture Speed:up to 976,000 points/second
    • Ranging Error: +/- 2mm
    • • Medium cost solution
    • Small and portable
    • • Compass, height sensor, dual axis compensator
    • • Touch screen display
  • Tech Sheet



Reasons to hire from 3D Scanner Store


3D Scanner Store has a huge fleet of hire equipment enabling us to facilitate rapid response & turnaround times. The almost certain availability of equipment is extremely valuable to our customers & this allows our clients flexibility when planning projects. We all know how difficult it can be to plan projects around customer demands with regard to lead times.

We are able to ship scanners nationally (& globally with special permission). This can be done with surprisingly short lead & transit times.

We do not charge our customers for transit or downtime.

We can be extremely flexible and we are able to deliver & collect scanners out of hours and from anywhere in the UK under special arrangement. We strive to make the hire process as effortless as possible for our customers.

Our team of technical support staff have a huge wealth of practical knowledge in a diverse range of measurement applications. We are therefore able to guide, assist & advise you every step of the way. As Faro’s exclusive training partner for the UK for Focus3D systems we have an unequalled knowledge of the equipment. Our post hire support is 1st rate.

Bespoke scanner hire options


At 3D Scanner Store we offer several different hire options:-


1. Self-hire of equipment and accessories only
This option is best suited for intermediate or advanced users that have experience with using the scanners & data processing software. We would normally recommend that customers attend our 2 day basic training course prior to a self-hire.


2. Hire of scanner, accessories and operator
Clients are able to oversee one of our experienced operators carry out a live project and gain a feel for how the process works. Customers may wish to work as a collaboration in which case we would simply provide the scanner and operator.


3. Bespoke hire and training on live projects
We are also able to roll the scanner hire and training into one if needed. This way a structured training course is delivered on a live project. The client gains training at the same time as delivering a commercial project.


4. Overseas hire
Under special arrangement we are able to facilitate scanner hire globally with, or without, an operator.


5. Hire with insurance cover
We are able to arrange insurance cover for clients who do not have their own insurance cover.


6. Advanced training and consultancy
We can offer advanced training & or consultancy for intermediate / advanced user. Very often a list of specific requests can be addressed and we would tailor your learning to your exact requirement.

Terms & conditions of hire


1.1 In the terms and conditions outlined below, “we/us/our” represents 1st Horizon Surveying & Engineering Ltd, Bridge Suite, The Old Corn Mill, Bullhouse Mill,
Lee Lane, Millhouse Green, Sheffield, S36 9NN and “the hirer” stands for the person, or company who are hiring the equipment from 1st Horizon.

2.1 The contract will only commence once we have accepted an approach from the hirer to use the equipment, verbally or in writing.
The contract will be binding on the date of collection and will terminate once the equipment has been returned and inspected at our office.

This should be within the normal working hours (Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm).
2.2 The equipment will be hired subject to its availability on the period of time requested by the hirer.
2.3 The contract will only cease before or after the fixed duration if a separate time is agreed by both parties outlined in section 8.
2.4 The hire rates will stay the same for the duration of hire, unless stated before the contract commences.

3.1 The equipment will remain with us until the start of the contract.
3.2 The equipment must be used only by the hirer who has entered the contract. The equipment must not be sold or lent to any other person.
3.3 The equipment is only to be used in the UK.
3.4 The hirer will keep the equipment in a good condition whilst in their possession and read instruction manuals where required, to use the equipment correctly.
3.5 1st Horizon make no representation or warranty that the equipment is suitable for the Hirer’s purposes, whether made known to 1st Horizon or not.

4.1 The insurance of the equipment whilst in the contract to the hirer is the sole responsibility of the hirer.

5.1 It is recommended that the hirer insures the equipment to protect it from loss/stolen and damage risks.
5.2 If the equipment is lost by the hirer, they must report this to us within 24 hours.
5.3 If the equipment is stolen from the hirer, they must report this to us within 24 hours.
5.4 If the equipment is damaged by the hirer, they must report this to us within 24 hours and stop using the equipment, to prevent further damage.
5.5 If any of the options 5.2,5.3,5.4 occur then the hirer will be responsible for costs to repair/replace any equipment,
including the hiring of equipment to replace the equipment which is been repaired/replaced.

6.1 The hirer will have the responsibility of picking up and bringing back the equipment at the start and end of the contract. If we have to deliver or pick up the equipment,

then we will add this charge to the payment accordingly and will need to be aware of this before the contract starts.
6.3 When receiving the equipment the hirer accepts the equipment has been inspected and is suitable for their hire purposes.
6.2 The equipment will be inspected on return to our office and only then will the contract be ended, unless payment has not been received.

7.1 If payment cannot be made at the start of the contract then a 10% deposit is required to allow the equipment to be taken by the hirer.
7.2 Payment must be completed by the end of the contract. If the hirer is paying by cheque or bank transfer,

then this must have cleared by the time the contract has terminated.

8.1 The contract will terminate when stated initially, neither party shall be entitled to terminate the contract before the expiry, unless by agreement.
8.2 We can terminate the contract and repossess our equipment without affecting any rights to recover monies due to damages or breach of contract.
8.3 If the hirer wishes to decrease or increase the contract, then this must be done in writing to us and agreed before the contract can be changed.

9.1 We own the equipment at all times through the contract.

10.1 If cancellation occurs after the contract has been agreed, then the hirer must give 48hrs notice, or they will be charged for the full amount.